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If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health or substance use disorder crisis, please contact one of the following resources for help: Crisis Services 

        Building Capacity for TransformationStatistically, 68% of adults with mental illness have one or more chronic physical illnesses, and 1 in 5 also have a substance use disorder. What’s more, people with mental illness die 25 years sooner than those without mental illness. A new statewide project aims to address these troubling figures by transforming the way mental health care is delivered in our communities, and getting mental health, substance use disorder and healthcare systems working together to treat each person as a whole. While the main objective of the project is to improve the total health care of Medicaid recipients, changes ahead will have a positive impact for everyone who uses any type of health care.

This project, “Building Capacity for Transformation” started back in January 2016 when New Hampshire secured a Medicaid “1115 Waiver.” “1115” refers to the section of the Social Security Act that allows states to pursue a pilot project in order to promote the objectives of Medicaid: “better health, better care, lower cost through improvement.” This waiver provides funds to eligible states, allowing them to be flexible in designing and improving their healthcare programs to meet the specific needs of their own communities. Not one size fits all. What works for Nashua, NH would not work for Berlin, NH. While NH is one of 16 states around the country that was awarded the 1115 Waiver, what makes NH’s unique is that it is the first one to emphasize mental health and substance use issues.

Within the state there are health related issues unique to specific regions in addition to those recognized statewide. For this project the state has been divided into 7 regions that have been named Integrated Delivery Networks or IDNs. The North Country is called IDN Region 7 and Carroll County, Coos County and northern Grafton County are included in this region. Partners throughout IDN Region 7 are now being brought together by the North Country Health Consortium to look for innovative and “out of the box” ideas to make the goals of this project a reality. Partners include hospitals, primary care, mental health and substance use disorder treatment providers, Department of Corrections, Public Health and social service organizations.

These IDNs are tasked with completing local/regional projects and also joining with the other regions on statewide projects to:

The North Country has a long history of innovative thinking around healthcare delivery, bringing partners together to meet health care needs, and prioritizing integrated care. For those individuals that have a serious mental illness and/or a substance use disorder, integrated care and community supports can increase their stability and overall wellness resulting in less hospital readmissions and Emergency Department visits and reducing the possibility of incarceration.

For more information or questions please contact April Allin at aallin@nchcnh.org or 603-259-3700 ext. 220



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