North Country Health Consortium


The Region 7 Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) Governance Structure was selected due to our large geographic region, and the wide variety of community partners participating in the IDN.  The structure allows for geographic representation from the three involved counties, Carroll, Coos and Northern Grafton, plus the 7 sub-regions of the service area. 

The governance structure chosen consists of a Steering Committee and four workgroup committees. Each of these committees has their own charter outlining roles, responsibilities, and meeting structure. 


 The committees have representation from a variety of IDN key stakeholders from the various geographic and business sectors served by the IDN.  Each committee has a Chairperson who works with the IDN Lead Agency to ensure consensus-based recommendations on key issues identified by the respective workgroup and then will be shared with the Steering Committee.  All recommendations made by the various workgroups must reflect consideration of various community goals, issues, and concerns, and find the appropriate balance among competing interests.  The main roles of each of the four workgroups are as follows:


Preparedness and Response Public Health Advisory Council
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