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What is wrong with the way we get our healthcare? We get sick and go to the doctor. That seems to work, right? Yes, for many of us who are lucky enough to have fairly simple healthcare needs. We get a sinus infection and go get our antibiotics, we decide to try snowboarding, dislocate our shoulder and go to an Orthopedic Specialist.

But what about the friends, neighbors and relatives who have multiple health issues, maybe an older adult or someone who has a disability? How do they get and pay for their healthcare?

Medicaid is a federal government program that helps provide healthcare coverage to certain categories of people who have low income and few assets (other than the home they live in). This includes people with physical and mental disabilities, victims of catastrophic accidents, and those that live in nursing homes. Consider the cost of care for a young adult with a spinal cord injury. In the first year that can be close to $1 million. Without Medicaid, many families would face financial ruin in addition to their serious healthcare challenges.

Not providing needed healthcare costs everyone, not only in dollars but in lives.


That is the future we're working to create for Region 7 and the citizens of Northern Grafton, County, Coos County, and Carroll County. 

Check out the Region 7 IDN FAQs

Although this project focuses on the Medicaid population, changes to the healthcare system will benefit all in our state and region.

To learn more about the 1115 Waiver DSRIP project, look for updates in the local papers, and attend community information events and forums. We hope you will stay in touch and join us in making the North Country a healthier place for all our families.

Preparedness and Response Public Health Advisory Council
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