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Are interested in future employment in the North Country?

The culture of Northern New Hampshire is unique and complex. This orientation video provides insight into the Culture of the North Country of New Hampshire and it's relationship to the culture of poverty, especially as it relates to pursuing a career in health care in the area.


We encourage you to peruse open opportunities with North Country health and human service organizations. Browse the NCHC partner regional employment opportunities page now to learn more- click here!

North Country Health Careers Initiative Program

Are you interested in becoming an Allied Health Professional? If you would like to become a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA), or move up from a current LNA to a Medication Nursing Assistant (MNA), or become a Health and Wellness Advocate, then inquire about our scholarship program that provides funding to cover 100% of your tuition and training costs! Contact Diana Gibbs at dgibbs@nchcnh.org or call (603) 259-3700 ext. 222 today for details!

Learn more about the scholarship: Download the scholarship application!

Are you interested in the LNA or MNA Program? See the class schedule and download applications at:

Are you interested in the Health and Wellness Advocate Certificate? Call White Mountains Community College at 444-1326!

Live, Learn, and Play in Northern NH:

Through “Live, Learn, and Play in Northern NH”, a program of the Northern NH AHEC/North Country Health Consortium, health professional students will receive quality training experiences in rural medically underserved areas throughout northern New Hampshire.  In addition, students will experience New Hampshire’s most awe-inspiring scenery, outdoor recreation and complete a community service project. 

Why Participate?

Want to learn more? Contact Laura Remick, lremick@NCHCNH.org, or call her at 603-259-3700 ext. 222!

Would you like to APPLY TODAY? Access the Live, Learn, and Play in Northern NH application at: http://livelearnplaynh.org/services/apply-today/

To learn more about the Live, Learn, and Play in Northern NH initiative and more about the North Country, visit the Live, Learn, and Play website: http://livelearnplaynh.org/

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