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Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for emergencies is not new. You take steps to stay safe every day. For instance, you wear your seatbelt in the car, just in case you are in an accident. You make sure your children wear helmets when they ride their bicycles. Your great-grandparents probably had extra supplies in their home, including soap and shampoo in bathroom closets, onions and potatoes stored in the cellar, and canned goods on pantry shelves. They understood the value and wisdom of having a little extra on hand for emergencies.

New Hampshire has its share of emergencies, including ice storms, tornadoes, floods, and power outages. Refer to the sections below for state, federal, and general emergency preparedness resources to help you and your family stay safe and be prepared for any emergency. 

NH State Resources

Federal Resources

General Emergency Preparedness 

Public Health Resources:

Utility and Service Assistance:

For more information

Contact the North Country Preparedness Team: NorthCountryPreparedness@NCHCNH.org

Preparedness and Response Public Health Advisory Council
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