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Summer Leadership Academies

North Country Regional Prevention Network

The goal of the summer leadership academies is to develop youth leadership skills and group bonding through immersion and challenge. They consist of a 5-day outing in a wilderness setting.

All students will begin the course with the Community and Team-Building model, which is an immersion into the adventure group experience and exploration of adventure basics. Students will learn to understand their own leadership styles, how teams work, and how a group can perform more effectively. This model focuses on training young people to serve as leaders in both the facilitation and processing of activities and dialogue with their peers, younger children, and adults.

For more information about this or other YLTA activities, contact Sean O’Brien at 603-236-9227

The Youth Leadership Through Adventure (YLTA) program is a collaborative partnership between Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Prevention Tools (ADAPT) Inc. and North Country Health Consortium to provide a youth-led prevention and leadership development model for students in Northern New Hampshire middle and high schools.

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