North Country Health Consortium

NCHC Staff

April Allin, Intergrated Delivery Network Program Manager
ext. 220 aallin@nchcnh.org

Elaine Belanger, Public Health Coordinator
ext. 229 ebelanger@nchcnh.org

Erik Becker, Public Health Advisory Council Assistant
ext. xxx ebecker@nchcnh.org

Drew Brown, Program Specialist/Systems Administrator
ext. 240 dbrown@nchcnh.org

Annette Carbonneau, Intergrated Delivery Network Project Manager
ext. 243 acarbonneau@nchcnh.org

Amber Culver, Community Health Worker
ext. 212 aculver@nchcnh.org

Annette Cole, Certified Public Health Dental Hygienist, Program Manager
ext. 241 acole@nchcnh.org

Nancy Frank, Chief Executive Officer
ext. 223 nfrank@nchcnh.org

Jennifer Frenette, Program Manager
ext. 255 jfrenette@nchcnh.org

Diana Gibbs, Program Manager
ext. 222 dgibbs@nchcnh.org

Colleen Gingue, Finance Director
ext. 226 cgingue@nchcnh.org

Jennifer Goulet, Community Health Worker
ext. 212 jgoulet@nchcnh.org

Jill Gregoire, Practice Facilitator
ext. 259, jgregoire@nchcnh.org

Barbara Groff, Practice Facilitator
ext. 259 bgroff@nchcnh.org

Amy Jeroy, Public Health Director
ext. 228 ajeroy@nchcnh.org

Karen Hoyt, Office Manager and Care Coordinator for Molar Express
ext. 244 khoyt@nchcnh.org

Kristy Letendre, Continuum of Care Facilitator
ext. 258 kletendre@nchcnh.org

Becky McEnany, Program Director
ext. 254 bmcenany@nchcnh.org

Francine Morgan, Program Director
ext. 232 fmorgan@nchcnh.org

Tracy Page, Accounting Assistant
ext. 246 tpage@nchcnh.org

Annie Patoine, Public Health Advisory Council Assistant
ext. 209 apatoine@nchcnh.org

Kayla Ramsay, Molar Express Dental Assistant
ext. 243, kramsay@nchcnh.org

Laura Remick, AHEC Program Coordinator
ext. 251, lremick@nchcnh.org

Juliann Rose, Accounting Assistant
ext. 246 jrose@nchcnh.org

Anna Shum, Program Coordinator
ext. 257, ashum@nchcnh.org

Margo Sullivan, Practice Facilitator
ext. 259, msullivan@nchcnh.org

Rose Toner, Administrative Assistant
ext. 227,  rtoner@nchcnh.org

Greg Williams, SMP Coordinator
ext. 295,  gwilliams@nchcnh.org

Julie Zamarchi, Practice Facilitator
ext. 259, jzamarchi@nchcnh.org



Preparedness and Response Public Health Advisory Council
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