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Certified Recovery Support Worker (CRSW Series) Training

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Want to help others in recovery from substance use disorder?

Train to become a Certified Recovery Support Worker (CRSW) to help initiate and sustain an individual or family in their recovery from substance use disorder/addiction!


Anyone who is involved in the recovery initiation of others and/or are in sustained recovery themselves can earn their CRSW credential


The CRSW live Zoom training series provides the four trainings required to be eligible for the Certified Recovery Support Worker credential. The accredited trainings are taught within a 4 month time frame and build upon the others to maximize learning and retention. NCHC provides these trainings twice a year in an effort to increase the recovery support workforce in Northern NH.


NCHC's Certified Recovery Support Worker Training Series includes all 4 courses required to earn the CRSW certification:


CRSW Training series classes:

This Virtual CRSW Series offers the experience of an in-person training with the flexibility to complete many activities on your own schedule. Training participants are required to attend all scheduled ZOOM sessions as well as individual and small group activities in Moodle.


Upcoming CRSW Training with NCHC

Check out the current CRSW Training Series for Fall 2023, beginning October 9 - December 15th. You can sign up for one, some, or all 4 classes in the CRSW Series!

Scholarships available for each class! Call (603)259-1729 to learn about taking the CRSW series with a scholarship and/or to register for class(es):



For questions or to register for class(es) in the CRSW Training series, contact NCHC's Substance Use Disorders Program Manager,  Jenn Goulet:  or (603)259-1729