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What is (CIT)?
Crisis Intervention Team


CIT increases effectiveness of first responders in:

improving outcomes for people experiencing a crisis due to a mental or substance use disorder… to recognize a person who is in crisis and safely direct them to treatment appropriate for their condition… This model has been successful in many communities, bringing together police and other first responders with resources… result is a decrease in the number of mental-health related arrests while increasing public safety”- SAMHSA[1]


CIT is a first responder model of crisis intervention training to help persons with mental disorders and/or addictions access medical treatment rather than placing them in the criminal justice system due to illness-related behaviors.


The CIT model:



CIT training available in the North Country


NCHC has made Crisis Intervention Team Programs available in the North Country, partnering with NAMI-NH to facilitate these trainings. 



Who should take CIT training? 

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) programs are appropriate for first responders,  including:


What do you learn in CIT Training?

By participating in CIT training, participants will:


CIT Training Topics


Topics covered during CIT Training include:

  • Rights and Civil Commitment Laws, Mental Health/Drug Courts
  • Child & Adolescent Mental Health Issues
  • Disabilities
  • Substance Use and Co-occurring Disorders
  • Suicide Intervention
  • Cultural Issues, Resettlement Areas, and Approaching Mental Illness
  • Alzheimer’s Disease & other forms of Dementia
  • Introduction to Verbal Techniques
  • Borderline Personality Disorders
  • Stages of Escalating Crisis
  • PTS, Veterans, and Homeless People
  • Basic De-escalation and Intervention Strategies
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Advanced Verbal Techniques



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