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A Comprehensive and Uniquely Local Approach to Prevention

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) estimates that drug and alcohol abuse costs the United States $559 billion dollars a year in healthcare costs,  crime, and lost productivity. This doesn't even take into account the very real suffering of those who become dependent as well as their families.

 The North Country Regional Prevention Network serves as part of the North Country Public Health Network, working with the other 12 prevention networks and partners throughout the state to share strategies on how to best address the consequences of alcohol and drug addiction at the state level. 

Locally, the Network collaborates with schools to implement proven strategies to improve school climates and train students to lead and mentor peers and younger students to understand the consequences of substance misuse. The North Country Prevention Network works with diverse local organizations to further its primary mission is to reduce consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction by preventing youth substance misuse. 

Providing guidance and oversight to regional prevention efforts is a Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC). 

Prevention Is...

What is prevention? In this video, learn more about what Prevention is from some of the community-level faces of prevention in North Country communities:



For more information, contact the North Country Substance Misuse Prevention Coordinator, Greg Williams:


The North Country Prevention Network operates with generous support from the following organizations:

                          Neil and Louise Tillotson FundNew Hampshire Charitable FoundationNew Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services