North Country Health Consortium

North Country Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

North Country Health Consortium is pleased to present the 2022-2025 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for the region.  A living document, the CHIP aims to create long-term strategies that improve health outcomes for the North Country and its residents throughout Coos and Northern Grafton Counties. 

The CHIP is a road map that calls to action a broad set of regional partners to mobilize in areas where we can be most impactful in improving the health of North Country residents, particularly those most vulnerable.

Through a collaborative process, the CHIP framework can be used over the next three years by a variety of sectors, organizations, and individuals serving the region.

NCHC invites our regional partners-- including those of business, education, health, safety, municipalities, faith-based, community support, task forces, and coalitions-- to get involved.

Contact us to receive an electronic copy of the CHIP or CHA: info@NCHCNH.org 

To learn more and get involved, contact: phn@NCHCNH.org 

Preparedness and Response Public Health Advisory Council
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