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The New Hampshire Community Health Worker Coalition brings together Community Health Workers (CHWs), along with supportive health professionals, stakeholders and community leaders to promote the role and value of CHWs in improving health outcomes.

About the NH CHW Coalition

Who Are We? The NH CHW Coalition has over 100 members, including CHWs and supportive stakeholders.

Who are Community Health Workers? Individuals who work in “community health." They have titles such as Patient Navigator, Patient Advocate, Care Coordinator and Community Health Worker.

What Does the Coalition Do? The NH CHW Coalition works to promote CHWs as vital members of the healthcare and social service team; leverages opportunities to educate stakeholders about the CHW model and advocates for healthcare policy changes that advance the sustainability of CHW programs.

When Does the Coalition Meet? Meetings are held every other month on the 4th Thursday from 1:00-3:00PM. Meeting locations are held around the state.

What Happens at a Coalition Meeting? Meetings focus on the priorities of the membership, which can include training and professional development, learning community models, strategic planning, networking and more.

Currently the North Country Health Consortium (NCHC) in Littleton, NH is supported by the State of NH, Division of Public Health Services, DHHS, to provide technical assistance to the Coalition. However, the NH CHW Coalition is a completely independent group that is governed by a member-elected steering committee.

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For questions or more information, visit the NH CHW Coalition website or contact Amber Culver: